You can support my ride and the growth of Reform Cycle, and/or support more riders (i.e. Bike the US for MS folks). Taking the time out to donate $1 to a rider is a huge step of solidarity.

YouCaring and GoFundMe are options. Small change adds up and I appreciate any donation of any size:

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There are also items for sale on this site. (Selling t-shirts dates back to Rad (1987) for my generation.) I also sell prints of the Reform Cycle mobius logo, and am working on linocut maps. Contact me for commissions.  

The 2018 ride could form a powerful community and cause for another ride in 2020. We can support each other, and open up possibilities. Share the backyard, a glass of water and a wifi password. The whole point is to build up strong communities who speak with one voice: Health Care as a Human Right.

Film release to be announced (goal of October 2018). 


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