I am a cyclist seeking others to ride bikes with across the USA. The journey is dedicated to healthcare reform.

Reform Cycle is a cross-country conversation about healthcare reform as well as a tour through layers of American history. The proposed route from Los Angeles, CA, to Washington, DC (~3,700 mile trip) passes by the limestone quarry from Breaking Away in Bloomington, IN, the red sands (and the radiation) of St. George in Utah, and the markers for the Underground Railroad in Uniontown, PA.

Why not come with?

There are lots of ways to get involved in this project. Reach out if you want to:

  • Suggest a different route across/around the USA
  • Be interviewed
  • Ride a section or all of the route with me (May to September)
  • Offer support (donations, suggest ride detail, possible camp space/bathroom/wifi/power outlet, etc)
  • Organize your own Reform Cycle ride/route/film
  • If you bike in the Bay Area, sign up for the newsletter to train with me (now to April)